Seeing web design packages with prices ranging from RM1,000 to RM100,000 can be quite overwhelming! Do you know how much you should be investing in your online web presence and you are getting a bang for your buck? Read on more to find out.

Here you will understand:

What you need to ask yourself before deciding to invest in your company’s website

What are the web design components and its costs

–     Why are some other web design packages so much cheaper

To always ensure an efficient and fruitful discussion, we at Rapydbase would guide our partners through a questionnaire to get a rough overview of our partners’ needs and wants out of their website. The standard questions range from:

1) What is the purpose of your site? Is it to tell a story and build a brand image? Is it to list your products in a catalogue fashion and to sell them to your users online (enabling e-commerce)?

2) How many web pages? The best way to answer this is to start from an approach on how much content do they intend to place on their website. We will propose the recommended layout (Information Architecture, in industry lingo) based on the types and amount of content discussed.

3) Do you need search engine optimization (SEO)? SEO ensures your website gets placed, at the very least, on Google’s first results page. We offer optional SEO packages on how much advanced SEO implementation is utilized in the site buildup to ensure it gets noticed. Our experts can also perform monthly SEO maintenance to ensure your site reigns at the top on the world’s most popular search engine.

4) How soon do you need your site to be up? This is more relevant to us and time is the ultimate determinant of how much can be done in a specified timeframe. Not only that, it affects the cost to build the site as shorter timeframes require more man-hours prioritized on that specific project.

5) Do you have an existing website? Regardless of the answer to this question, our partners may either go for a web revamp initiative whereby the company wants to improve on its branding and image, or a complete site built from scratch is to be done should our partners decide to reposition its company image entirely.

Here you will find the breakdown of your website’s components into its individual parts:

1) Domain Name (RM30 to RM80/annum)

2) Website Hosting (RM4,500~/ annum)

3) E-Commerce Functionality (RM5,000 – RM 20,000)

4) Website Design Theme and Animations (RM0 – RM60,000)

5) Ongoing Website Maintenance (RM4,000 onwards)

As mentioned earlier, it is not hard to find website design packages online that only cost up to a few hundred ringgit. But before you jump right into it thinking you have snagged yourself a great deal, here are some considerations to note:

  1. Are these costs one-off? They may be charged on a yearly or even monthly basis! When you do the math, they will eventually be the same as most other website design packages out there
  2. Are the costs all encompassing? Oftentimes the cost may be discreetly referring to only a partial amount of what you’re expecting to get. In the end you may end up with a site which would have looked much better even if you did it yourself. Otherwise, be prepared to fork up additional investments to bring your site up to your desired expectations
  3. Certain site designers work on a 1-way communication model, meaning the site would be designed without much, if any, customizations to meet clients’ expectations. The premium you pay is for the expected 2-way discussions which occur along several touchpoints during the building process to ensure both parties are aligned on their goals.

Here at Rapydbase, we are a team of experts who pride ourselves in working hand in hand with all our partners to ensure their needs and wants are thoroughly addressed in whatever services we offer; be it website development, app development, etc.

We leverage our expertise on digital transformation best practices with your business goals to ensure you will feel 100% satisfied with your investment and that it brings tangible results to your business performance.

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