TGV Cinemas


Web Development & Ticketing System



TGV Cinemas wanted to address their existing technology performance issue which created a blockage for the business’ growth and speed to market. Their main concern was their ticketing system which was unreliable and did not update quickly enough. This led to double booking issues and frequent server crashes which impacted business operations.


The main goal was to create a fast and smooth customer experience and a seamlessly integrated flow leveraging on the latest technology with AWS.

The team worked to redevelop the mobile app, web and middleware based on a serverless architecture to facilitate flexibility and scalability.

The key focus of this new architecture was on optimising the codes and improving the performance, creating a more reliable ticketing system that ensured a seamless experience which could withstand the high customer purchase traffic.


With a solid foundation, the new experience launched in Jan 2020, with a focus on customer conversion, tailored personalised offers and revitalised user experience for TGV customers.